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The CU-EX1 is CU Medical Systems, Inc.’s data management software intended to facilitate the handling of data recorded during a rescue operation

The software has three main functions. These are:
a) archiving
b) data review
c) data printing

The CU Expert manages the downloading of ECG and Rescue Data from devices manufactured by CU Medical Systems, Inc. The supported devices are Paramedic CU-ER1, Paramedic CU-ER2, and CardioMeter CU-PH1. The CU Expert enables the user to enter patient information (Name, Age, Sex, Address) after downloading.

The ECG and Rescue Data that have been archived on a personal computer can be opened for review using the CU Expert ECG and Rescue Data Management Software. The software can be set for ECG data review using any of the three available ECG gains. These are 5 mm/mV, 10 mm/mV, and 20 mm/mV. The review is easily controlled through control buttons (PLAY, PAUSE, STOP, BACKWARD, FAST FORWARD). The CU Expert also allows the user to jump to a particular Rescue Event Highlight during ECG review.

The CU Expert enables the user to print the ECG waveform and rescue event highlights using a printer connected to the PC. The user has the choice to print the whole record opened, part of the record, or the rescue event highlights only.

System Requirements
Hardware/Software Requirements

The following hardware and software are needed when transferring data from the Paramedic CU-ER1 to a PC. The user may choose between the UART cable and the IrDA Com-Port Serial Adapter for the data transmission.

a. CU Products b. PC
c. CU Expert Version 1.00 S/W d. Device Key File
e. UART Cable f. IrDA Com-port Serial Adapter

Port Connection
-UART Connection
Connect the UART cable supplied by CU Medical Systems, Inc. to the COM Port of the PC and the UART port of the Paramedic CU-ER1.

-IrDA Connection

Connect the DB9 connector of the IrDA Com Port Serial Adapter supplied by CU Medical Systems, Inc. to the PC. Align the IrDA transceiver of the adapter to the IrDA port of the Paramedic CU-ER1.

The IrDA adapter must be between 5 cm and 30 cm away from the IrDA port of the Paramedic CU-ER1. It should also be within ±15° of the horizontal plane passing through the IrDA port of the Paramedic CU-ER1.

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