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Paramedic CU-ER3 - this defibrillator has the capabilities of the Paramedic CU-ER2 plus SPO2 monitoring capability. SPO2 indicates the amount of oxygen saturation in the blood. It is intended for use by emergency first responders. With its ECG and SPO2 monitoring capabilities, it may also be used in hospitals when a low cost defibrillation and monitoring capability is desired.

Dual Mode Defibrillator
The Paramedic CU-ER3 is a portable external defibrillator with the following modes:
  • Automated External Defibrillation (AED) Mode
  • Manual Mode

In AED Mode, the Paramedic CU-ER3 analyzes the ECG of the patient to determine whether the patient has a shockable or nonshockable ECG rhythm. In this mode, the Paramedic CU-ER3 provides you with voice and text prompts throughout a rescue operation.

In Manual Mode, the Paramedic CU-ER3 lets you control the defibrillation process. You assess the ECG of the patient and set the energy of the shock to be delivered. You may also perform synchronous cardioversion for the treatment of atrial fibrillation in this mode. In synchronous cardioversion, the defibrillating shock is delivered within 60 milliseconds of the occurrence of a QRS peak in the patient’s ECG.

SpO2 pulse oximetry with alarm
The Paramedic CU-ER3 is capable of monitoring pulse oximetry (SPO2) in manual and AED modes. Pulse oximetry measurement is automatically done when the pulse oximetry sensor is connected to the appropriate port of the device.

ECG monitoring (3 Lead ECG cable)
The Paramedic CU-ER3 may also be used to do ECG monitoring only when it is in Manual mode. ECG monitoring only is done by connecting the custom designed ECG monitoring cable assembly from CU Medical Systems, Inc. No shocks may be delivered when the ECG monitoring cable assembly is connected to the Paramedic CU-ER3.

Intelligent Data Management System
The Paramedic CU-ER3 automatically records ECG and events such as shock deliveries in nonvolatile memory during rescue operations. These data may be printed directly using a portable printer or downloaded to a personal computer for printing and archiving.

Versatile Power Supply
The Paramedic CU-ER3 is powered by an internal rechargeable Nickel Metal Hydride battery pack. It may also be powered by an optional external disposable LiMnO2 battery pack or its AC/DC adapter. While the internal battery is being recharged by the AC/DC adapter, the AC/DC adapter also supplies power to the whole device which enables it to be fully functional.

Automatic and operator initiated Self-Test
The Paramedic CU-ER3 is easy to troubleshoot and maintain. It is programmed to conduct automatic Power On, Run Time, Daily, Weekly, and Monthly self tests. During these tests, the critical subsystems of the device are tested for functionality. If a fault is detected, the device informs you of the fault through audible and visible indicators.

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