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ECG Monitor (Simulated)

* Patient connection:

Defibrillation Pads, ECG Electrodes

* Bandwidth:

Monitoring Mode: 0.3 to 40 Hz (-3 dB)

AED mode (EMS): 1 Hz to 30 Hz

* ECG size:

Auto-scaled (0.3 to 1 mV signals are displayed with 10mm/mV gain, outside of that range, the peak to peak value is displayed as 10 mm on the LCD display)

* Heart rate:

Digital readout on LCD display, 30 to 300 bpm (Β± 2%)

Defibrillator (Simulated)

* Operating modes:

Semi automatic

* Waveform:

e-cube biphasic (Truncated exponential type)

* Energy:

* AED mode

150J into a 50Ω load

* Charging time:

Less than 10 seconds

* Sensitivity & Specificity:

Meets AAMI DF39 guidelines

* Detection Level

> 0.1 mV

* Defibrillation Electrodes:

Multifunction, self-adhesive, adult electrodes (Disposable, Pre-gelled)

Voice & Text Prompts

* Voice & text prompts guide the user through the rescue protocol

* All the user interfaces are supported in local language for easy use and access

Data Storage & Management

* Internal flash memory:

12 hours of event and ECG recording

* SmartMedia Card (32M):

48 hours of event and ECG recording

or 1 hour recording if voice recording is enabled

* Review of the patient’s ECG, incident details and device information

* Data management software for storage, review, and printing of multiple patient rescue data using a PC running on Windows OS.


* Screen Type:

High resolution graphic Liquid Crystal Display

* Screen size:

4 inches (10.16 cm) diagonal, 320X240 pixels

* Sweep speed:

25mm/sec, nominal

* Viewing time:

3.2 seconds


* Size:

305 mm X 250 mm X 95 mm (L X W X H)

* Weight

Approximately 1.4 kg; without the external battery pack

AC Adapter

* Input:

100 to 240V AC 50/60Hz 1.2A

* Output:

12V DC, 3.5A

External Battery Pack

* 12V LiMnO2 disposable battery pack

* Capacity

when new, 10 hours of continuous operation

External Link

* UART port

* IrDA port

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